‘Zambra’ is a show that combines Flamenco dance and Clown art to excite, laugh and enjoy Spanish culture.


 Six out of the twelve Novelas Ejemplares ‘Exemplary Novels’ written by the well-known Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes (writer of Don Quijote) are represented in an unconventional way.


- La Gitanilla (Flamenco Traditional)


- El Celoso Extremeño (Contemporary dance)


- El Amante Liberal (Flamenco – Fusion)


- La Española Inglesa (Contemporary dance)


- El Licenciado Vidriera (Flamenco – Fusion)


- Rinconete y Cortadillo (Flamenco traditional)



Our funny ‘Cervantes - Clown’ writes his texts on stage... A comic, eccentric and day-dreamy character who embodies his own dreams and navigates within his fantasies, being the red line through the show while flooding the stage with humor.



 The music composed by different Spanish authors will be a delight for your ears, encompassing a great variety of styles, from traditional flamenco to the most modern fusion.



         "Zambra" break clichés: Flamenco is the heart and basis of the project, but its development jumps over preconception, without fear or embarrassment.


As a result we get a ‘Cervantino’ show, entertaining and innovative, suitable for all audiences, opening up a new path for the enjoyment of our classics.






Artistic Fact Sheet


Director: Carlos Díaz


Dramatics: Joshean Mauleón, Carlos Díaz


Coreographer: Vicente Fernández, Rosario Valera


Plastic Advisor: Javier Ruiz Alegría


Customes: Yolanda Rueda


Audiovisual Design: Aroztegui S.L.


Lighting Design: Carlos Díaz


Executive Production: Elena Chamorro


Actor - Clown: Joshean Mauleon Waterhouse


Coreographer – Solista Bailaor: Vicente Fernández


Coreographer – Solista Bailaora: Rosario Valera



Corps de Ballet:


- Carmen Muñoz


- Azahara Herrera


- Inmaculada Murciano


- Marta Serrano


- Juan Berlanga


- Adrián Mejías


- Silvia Medina


- Dalia Sánchez



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